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Individual & Family Therapy in Waldorf, Maryland

Whether you suffer from anxiety or need help rebuilding the family structure, Vance Mental Health Services in Waldorf, Maryland, offers individual and family therapy to help.

Getting Your Life Back on Track

After an unfortunate event, getting your life back on track seems impossible. Through individual therapy sessions with one of our specialists, you learn new strategies and techniques to manage the problems, so you can live life to the fullest.
Additionally, individual therapy can help those with social or focusing problems resulting from ADD or ADHD to find the tools to focus and socialize. Additional sessions are available, including psychological testing for educational placement and clinical understanding for court requirements.
Family with Kids — Counseling in Waldorf, MD

Treatment for All

Many people fear they will be turned away when they're in need of individual therapy. At Vance Mental Health Services, we offer quality care to all. We treat children as young as two years old to adults of all ages.

Common Conditions Requiring Individual Therapy

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from Combat, Domestic Violence, Childhood Maltreatment, Serious Medical vents, Child Abuse, Accidents, & the Loss of a Loved One
  • Anxiety
  • Social Anxiety
  • Issues at Work & School
  • Depression
  • Children & Adults with ADD & ADHD

Therapy to Improve the Family Bonds

When the family structure starts to crumble, turn to the professionals at our center for therapy. These sessions are tailored to your family's unique needs, and help you better understand the family dynamic and each person's role within the dynamic. Family therapy also:
  • Facilitates Health Communication Patterns
  • Strengthens Co-Parenting Skills
  • Improves Relationships

As a Couple

Like families, couples can also find themselves falling to pieces. Strengthen your bond with your significant other with our counseling services. With professional therapy, you boost your communication skills, while learning strategies to resolve conflicts and setting relationship priorities.

Request an appointment for family therapy to strengthen your family unit as a whole.